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Availability Solutions provides effective strategies and technologies to protect data and provide fast recovery should data be lost for any reason as well as providing effective Managed Services & Systems Management Solutions for your IBM iSeries/AIX Power server.


Availability Solutions is recognised and respected by Asia Pacific’s foremost High Availability, Disaster Recovery & Server Migration specialists able to provide the best of breed solutions for SMB and the Enterprise for all IBM Power Server, Windows & Linux users… each range of solutions having inbuilt integrated world-class strengths.


Availability Solutions is the largest partner for the Double-Take product range in Asia Pacific.

Server Migrations


We’ll do the migration so you can focus on your business


Using groundbreaking migration we can assist you and/or your customer with the industry’s most trusted solutions for anything-to-anywhere, low risk, near-zero downtime migrations. Our migration solutions allow you to migrate data or entire servers to and from any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud servers with virtually no downtime ... we can migrate "whilst active" Windows, Linux, IBM AIX and IBM iSeries servers.


Supplying both software and services to fully migrate from just about any to just about any Server…


Pls contact us for your migration project and we will work with you to validate if we are able to assist you.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery for any infrastructure

Our Windows, Linux, and IBM iSeries & AIX business disaster recovery solutions not only protect critical information and recover lost data in a fraction of the time and effort of traditional tape backup solutions, they give you unmatched recovery flexibility and features that save you time and hassle.

High Availability

High Availability for any infrastructure


Keep your business-critical information systems continuously protected. When your recovery time and recovery point requirements are beyond what first-line Disaster Recovery solutions can achieve.


Vision High Availability solutions are the answer. Not only can you achieve assured business continuity, you can count on fast, tangible ROI on your investment through improved productivity, reduced operating costs, streamlined regulatory compliance and more.

Data Sharing

Replicate data from one database to another database - live and real-time


Double-Take® Share™ makes it easy to capture, transform, enhance, and replicate data across multiple databases, operating systems and physical, virtual or cloud platforms. With automated, real-time data sharing you can improve business efficiency and decision making by keeping your databases in sync and enabling access to information when, where and how it is needed for queries, reports, business intelligence, data warehousing and more.

Managed Services

We’ll monitor and manage your server infrastructure allowing you to concentrate on Business-benefit projects for your Business.


Managed Services is the practice of contracting day-to-day related management responsibility of some/all of the IT Infrastructure as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations inclusive of Production Support and life-cycle build/maintenance activities.


Availability Solutions already assist many Australian companies with the day-to-day support of their (mainly) IBM Power Servers (iSeries and/or AIX).

Systems Managment Solutions

Monitoring and administration of local and/or distributed Servers.


  System management may involve one or more of the following tasks:


  • Hardware heath-check   |   Server availability monitoring and metrics   |   Software inventory and installation
  • Operating System PTFs and upgrades   |   iSecurity management   |   User’s activities monitoring
  • Capacity monitoring  |  Security management   |   Storage management   |   Network capacity & utilization monitoring
  • High Availability & monitoring


Availability Solutions implement the world-class REVSOFT products to assist with the monitoring, alerting and, if appropriate, the remedy of any issues that occur.  

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Click here to see Demo of migrating an SQL server whilst the Users are still active. 

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