Easy, real-time data sharing between databases - even between different hardware, operating systems and database platforms

Sharing data across different databases, applications and physical, virtual or cloud platforms can be complex and have a negative impact on productivity and revenue. And, if you’re not analyzing up-to-the-minute data housed in your disparate systems, you’re missing out on valuable business intelligence.

Double-Take Share makes it easy to capture, transform, enhance and replicate database information to enable your business to achieve greater productivity, higher profitability and immediate ROI with no programming — and without downsides, complexities and
complications commonly associated with traditional ETL tools.


Double-Take Share Solves All Your Data Sharing Challenges
Integrates applications and keeps data in sync
Captures, transforms and replicates data between databases, allowing users to see each other’s data in real-time.


Enables real-time BI and reporting
Enables you to run reports on-demand using real-time data. Organizations with legacy applications and data can replicate and transform the content to alternate platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, for queries, centralized reporting, and BI access.


Feeds real-time data to mission critical applications
Feeds data to mission critical applications – such as eCommerce, web portals, or other distributed applications.


Offloads production data for queries, maintenance, backup and more
Keeps production servers responsive by offloading production data to a secondary server (of similar or dissimilar OS or hardware type) so that queries and maintenance can be performed on the secondary copy.


Consolidates multiple databases
Brings data from multiple databases together for data warehousing or to reduce the number of vendors and platforms you must support.


Migrates and modernizes legacy databases
Provides movement and transformation across database platforms to make your migrations simple. Minimizes downtime and its impact on productivity by replicating and transforming data while users remain online and active.

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