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Migrate, Protect & Recover AIX Servers with Double-Take for AIX


Easy IBM AIX Replication to provide High Availability (& Migrations) for IBM Power AIX 


















Double-Take® Availability™ for AIX is the easiest business continuity solution in the marketplace for IBM Power Systems running AIX. Continuous monitoring and automated failover to both local and remote nodes provide true high availability for both physical and virtual AIX environments. Powerful real-time replication, combined with full-featured continuous data protection (CDP), protects your data and ensures its rapid recovery, regardless of the mix of applications and storage. Added return on investment is delivered by access to the secondary copy of your data for tape backup, reporting, maintenance, testing, and more — all without any interruption to your business operations.


Protect your data. Keep your business running 24/7.


Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX is true Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that delivers any point-in-time data recovery at the push of a button. Instantly reverse accidental or malicious data corruption without the time/labor required for recovery from tape. Full-featured and robust, Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX goes beyond DR, simplifying system and data management tasks and allowing workloads to utilize the backup data set.


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