We’ll monitor and manage your server infrastructure allowing you to concentrate on Business-benefit projects for your Business.


Managed Services is the practice of contracting day-to-day related management responsibility of some/all of the IT Infrastructure as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations inclusive of Production Support and life-cycle build/maintenance activities.


Availability Solutions already assist many Australian companies with the day-to-day support of their (mainly) IBM Power Servers (iSeries and/or AIX).


Operating System upgrades and PTFs are second nature to us, as is day-to-day monitoring and management of your server(s)… even through to configuring and providing hardware upgrades… or we can work alongside your current IBM BP…

Increase supplier, employee & customer satisfaction by protecting system availability.

Ensure compliance with data protection and business continuity regulations.


System downtime and data loss pose intolerable risks to every business… as does unmanaged servers… Availability Solutions has some of the most experienced & respected iSeries and pSeries consultants available in the country.


Contact us for your Managed Services requirements and we will work with you to validate if we are able to assist you.

Server Migration and DRaaS Solutions

Focus: Migration to "The Cloud"