Windows and Linux High Availability (HA) Solutions

Anything-to-Anywhere protection

Streamline your HA/DR strategies with one solution that works seamlessly across physical, virtual, and cloud-based platforms.


  • Provides comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery

  • Supports any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud servers

  • Enables real-time protection for data, applications, and entire servers

  • Uses your existing hardware, software, and network

  • Enables easy, full-server failover in minutes, not hours

  • Supports dissimilar hardware

  • Manages the entire protection environment from a single unified console

  • Protects Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, BES, Oracle, mySQL and more

  • Provides multiple recovery points in case of logical data corruption and data has no distance limits between servers


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Server Migration and DRaaS Solutions

Focus: Migration to "The Cloud"